Why I’m not at The Gazette

I worked as business editor for about six months at The Gaston Gazette, the local newspaper. The whole gig reminded me of the old joke about the dog chasing cars — what’s he going to do with it once he catches it?

It turns out that a business editor at a small town newspaper nowadays has a bigger beat than you might think. In my corporate career, I was used to working hard, but newspaper work requires hard work within a set framework of deadlines. You can’t put in overtime to make the deadline after the paper goes to press.

As a result, I ended up stressed out more than I’ve ever been in a job. No matter how fast and hard I worked, I was always behind. There seemed no way to ever get out front of the work load.

So, after taking a few days off to think things over, I decided to leave the newspaper. And, no, I was not “bumped off” as one of my readers wondered in a phone message I received. As far as I know, none of the powers in the community was displeased with my reporting — being a businessperson myself, I was always pretty business friendly.

And the editors at The Gazette were understanding. We parted on good terms.


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