I’ve run across lots of advice lately to do things before breakfast.

A book on writing I’ve been reading advises me to write three pages of freeflowing narrative before breakfast.

A weight loss camp in the Blue Ridge mountains advises its patients to walk 4,000 steps before breakfast. I haven’t gained so much weight that I need to go to the school, but I do recall I felt healthier when I went for my morning run before breakfast.

Spiritual advisors tell me I should read scripture, pray, and meditate before breakfast.

Articles and books on cooking suggest putting dinner into a slow cooker before breakfast so as to be ready when you get home from work.

Working on a tough project or studying for a test? Do it before breakfast, say the efficiency experts.

And, of course, farmers and gardeners have long known the value of early morning for taking care of their crops.

On and on it goes. There seem to be few things we do each day that aren’t improved by doing them before breakfast. Now I understand the real meaning behind its being called the most important meal of the day.

But with all the things I need to get done before breakfast, I’m thinking of moving my breakfast to 6 p.m.


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