Mockingbird news, part 2

When I went over to do some work at Belly Acre farm Monday, the local mockingbird was reporting on a fight between some crows and one or more hawks. Having seen such a fight in my own yard recently, I recognized the sounds immediately.

The hawk goes for the crows’ nest and any eggs or hatchlings there might be. The crows call in the whole flock, who take turns swooping onto the hawk, trying to stay out of reach of the beak and claws.

Now, mind you, I didn’t see anything at the farm. This obviously happened sometime since my last visit a day or two before. But the mocker reported all the drama and violence in the frantic crow caws and penetrating screeches of the hawk. There were few other sounds in his report that day. I could imagine the whole scene vividly, thanks to his dramatic reporting.

The next day, when I returned to harvest our first squashes of the season, the news had changed back to the mockingbird’s more normal recitation of the songbirds in the neighborhood.


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